'Pain Magnified': Governor Martin O'Malley on Ray Rice Incident

Asked to comment on the assault charge against the Ravens running back, Maryland's governor spoke to the nature of domestic incidents.

Gov. Martin O'Malley
Gov. Martin O'Malley
A TMZ Sports reporter recently ambushed Gov. Martin O'Malley, who was walking down the street in Washington, D.C., and asked him to comment on allegations involving Ravens running back Ray Rice.

Owings Mills residents Rice, 27, and his fiancee, Janay Palmer, 26, were both charged with simple assault-domestic violence in connection with an altercation at an Atlantic City casino on Feb. 15, according to CBS Sports. After news of the event broke, so did a video in which Rice could be seen dragging Palmer, unconscious, out of an elevator.

Rice's attorney said the video was "authentic but incomplete," according to a statement from the Ravens.

When asked about it, O'Malley chose his words carefully and alluded to his hesitancy in discussing the matter.

"You always feel disappointment when someone finds themselves in a situation involving this sort of domestic violence," O'Malley told TMZ. "The public attention to it normally makes that pain magnified."

Some have attributed the publicity to Rice's outspokenness on anti-bullying.

ESPN called the incident "a fall from grace" for Rice "after six years of being one of the NFL's good guys."

ESPN detailed some of the things for which Rice was known, like signing a football for a deceased fan who wanted to be buried with it, calling players in the hospital and giving children $20 bills for improving their physical fitness.

"I’ve been with Ray for many things that haven’t come out in the public eye; we don’t call a news conference for everything he does in the community," Rice's cousin, Bryan Shannon, told The Baltimore Sun

"Regardless of the outcome, it’s hard to watch the city and fans pass judgment on Ray and turn him into a monster," Shannon told The Sun. "...he has the biggest heart and is one of the most responsible people I know."

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said that Rice and Palmer were receiving counseling, in a statement issued by the Ravens.

"The two people obviously have a couple issues that they have to work through, and they’re both committed to doing that," Harbaugh said. “The facts will determine the consequences, always."

According to The Baltimore Sun, the Atlantic City Police Department has not made any decisions in the cases of Rice and Palmer, whose charges are considered misdemeanors.
Jack Frazier February 25, 2014 at 07:34 PM
Don't want to see or hear this pathetic low life liar. Md now top 10 for high taxes, food stamp fraud, job creation and so on. Damn rain & flush tax? Wish he'd propose a crap tax so we can deliver that right to his mansion..
Marty Warren February 26, 2014 at 08:17 AM
I hope Owe ' Malley runs for president. He deserves to be publicly humiliated.
Otto Schmidlap February 26, 2014 at 09:48 AM
Since when does a reporter asking an elected official a question constitute an ambush? Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed.


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