Baltimore County Council Animal Control Bill Increases Fines, Fees

The legislation would increase fines from $250 to $500 for a dangerous animal citation.

Credit: BCAS
Credit: BCAS

A bill increasing fines for pet owners whose animals are deemed aggressive has been submitted to the Baltimore County Council.

The bill would increase the citation for a dangerous animal from $250 to $500. The definition of a dangerous animal would still be defined as an animal that attacks or injures another domestic animal or exhibits aggressive behavior and is not properly confined.

The new bill would also give a health officer the ability to impound an animal at a shelter to "protect the health or safety of a person, an animal or the public."

The bill would also increase the penalty for animal cruelty from $100 to $145 per occurrence, and would also raise the fine to $145 a day for as long as the conditions persist.  


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