Pizza Employee Cut, Robbed at Store

A robber, armed with a knife, stole cash from the safe at the Cockeysville restaurant.

An employee of Spartacus Pizza & Pasta was the victim of an armed robbery Wednesday.
An employee of Spartacus Pizza & Pasta was the victim of an armed robbery Wednesday.
An employee of Spartacus Pizza & Pasta was threatened at knifepoint and cut during a robbery Wednesday.

Between 10:16 p.m. and 10:18 p.m., an unknown suspect came through the unlocked back door, cut the victim with a knife and had him open the safe.

An unknown amount of cash was stolen from the store at 10043 York Road in Cockeysville. The robber ran out the back door.
Loomis September 06, 2013 at 11:39 AM
Lots of crime not reported here on the Patch: break-in of a home off Margate and York last night--shouldnt that kind of stuff be reported on a web magazine/paper?; attempted break in of my own home three months ago (nothing again)...this is a quiet neighborhood as you know...i am writing this for Lutherville neighbors to know and be AWARE. Write to your state senator to make these break-ins more punishable. Right now these animals that break in or try to break in barely get booked. The only reason my home was an attempted break in (bashed my basement window) was that I was there watching TV and called police! Police said if the animal had been caught, it wouldnt have been worth pressing charges for "destruction of property" even though he could have threatened my life. Frightening! The police did respond fast and I thank them for that. WRITE YOUR STATE SENATORS to MAKE OMALLEYLAND TOUGH ON CRIME! they do listen
Bob Higginbotham September 06, 2013 at 07:17 PM
There are a multitude of crimes that are not reported to any news outlet in Cockeysville. The powers that be seem to want to hide local crime. They either want us to live with a false sense of security or want to protect the criminals. Living a lie definitely does not help their cause. "They" being the local politicians and business so-called leaders and perhaps even the county executive.


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