George Huguely Pleads Not Guilty to Yeardley Love Murder

Jury selection for the former University of Virginia lacrosse player's trial, taking place in a Virginia court, began Monday.

A former University of Virginia lacrosse player pleaded not guilty in the death of his ex-girlfriend in court Monday.

George Huguely V, a 24-year-old Chevy Chase native, pleaded not guilty to murder, robbery and other charges related to the death of Yeardley Love, a Cockeysville resident, according to The Huffington Post.

The Baltimore Sun reports that attorneys are questioning a pool of 160 potential jurors in a Charlottesville, VA courtroom and the process, expected to continue through Tuesday, has been arduous. Twelve jurors and three alternates will be chosen for the trial.

Two days have been allotted for jury selection but testimony could begin as early as Tuesday, if the process moves quickly, The Daily Progress writes. The trial is expected to last until Feb. 17.

Streets near Charlottesville Circuit Court, where the trial is being held, have been shut down to accommodate the increased activity in the area, which includes more than 175 media members expected to report on the proceedings, according the The Daily Progress. A food truck vendor, parked alongside others near the court, said he plans to camp out in the area for two weeks during the media firestorm.

Citing respect for the family, Sister Patricia McCarron, headmistress of Towson's , which Love, 22, attended, declined comment on the trial, but said in a news release that "We are proud to claim Yeardley as one of ‘our girls’—she was a talented young woman who was truly the embodiment of her name...Love."

University of Virginia President Terry Sullivan encouraged students and staff to utilize the school's counseling services if necessary as the case proceeds, according to NY Daily News. Cami Colarossi, director of communications for Notre Dame Prep, told Patch that while there is no formal counseling plan in place, students who request help will be accommodated.

"We are a community that is blessed to have such wonderful counselors available," Colarossi said.

The Baltimore Sun obtained comments from Charlottesville locals opining about the case, many of whom are convinced of Huguely's guilt.

Love, who also played lacrosse at the college, in her Charlottesville apartment in May 2010.

Harry Callahan February 07, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Who expected this sorry, entitled scumbag to do other than that. I hope that he is found guilty of second degree murder and gets a number of decades in some PMITA (in case you don't recognize that abbreviation it stands for "Pound me in the A**") prison as some guy's girlfriend.
Harry Callahan February 08, 2012 at 06:35 PM
This just in from a report on the noon edition of WJZ news on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. According to WJZ, the prosecutors found an email that the accused in this case allegedly sent to the victim a few days prior to the attack that caused her death. In that email, the accused and the victim discuss the relational problems they were having regarding sex and his drinking. According to the WJZ report, the accused made a statement in that email using words to the effect that "...I should have killed you then..." which give prosecutors a basis for seeking a charge of first degree murder. If found guilty of first degree murder, the accused in this case could receive LW/OP (Life Without Parole). All I can say is go get him, state of Virginia. As a side light, the same news report showed the father of the accused walking from the courtroom. I understand that this guy is wealthy but you wouldn't know it from his haircut (or should I say lack of a haircut). The man is bald halfway back on his head and then has shoulder length hair in the back. Note to Mr. Huguely IV, get a haircut that looks like a normal human being. It might actually help your son in court.


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