Baltimore County Malls Removing EcoATMs

The machines allow users to exchange old cellphones for cash.

General Growth Properties, which owns the Towson Town Center, Owings Mills Mall and White Marsh Mall, have agreed to remove EcoATM recycling kiosks by 2014, according to an email from Baltimore County Councilman David Marks.

The kiosks, which exchange cash for cellphones, have been criticized as providing an incentive for robberies.

"In the Towson area, students and longtime residents have been burglarized by criminals targeting cell phones, iPods, and other items," Councilman Marks said in a news release. "There are concerns that these kiosks make it easier for criminals to quickly recycle these materials, and I applaud for General Growth Properties for removing them from their Baltimore County locations."

Earlier this year the Baltimore City Council voted to ban the kiosks in city limits. At that time a bill banning machines was supposed to be introduced in the county, but Marks decided not to introduce the bill because county law enforcement officials told him the machines were not an issue.

There have been several recent crimes where robbers targeted residents for their cellphones.   

2 Men Charged in Towson University Student Robbery

Robber Punches Woman, Steal Cellphone 

Robbers Pistol Whip Man, Steal Cellphone

Man Robbed in Towson Town Center Bathroom 

Juveniles Arrested After Robbing Woman


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