3 People Charged in Towson Narcotics Raid: Police

Police said there was a drug manufacturing operation in Walker Avenue home.

Priscilla Sheldon-Cost (Credit: Baltimore County Police Department)
Priscilla Sheldon-Cost (Credit: Baltimore County Police Department)
Three people were charged after police said officers found a drug manufacturing operation in a Towson home.

DEA agents and Baltimore County police officers found chemicals used to manufacture the drug "Molly," or MDMA, in the 700 block of Walker Avenue, where they served a search and seizure warrant Wednesday as part of a narcotics investigation, police said.

The following individuals were arrested, according to police:
  • Priscilla Sheldon-Cost, 51, of the 700 block of Walker Avenue
  • Thomas Ronald Joyave, 52, of the 700 block of Walker Avenue
  • Vincent Mark Ricker, 24, of the 7700 block of Fairgreen Road
Sheldon-Cost and Joyave live together in the residence in the 700 block of Walker Avenue, police said. Ricker, of the 7700 block of Fairgreen Road in the Dundalk area, was a co-conspirator who had been visiting when the search warrant was served, according to a statement from the Baltimore County Police Department.

While searching the Walker Avenue home, officers came across chemicals that could be dangerous, so they called in the county's hazardous materials team as a precaution, according to the report from police. Police said the investigation indicated the chemicals were used to manufacture "Molly."

Molly is a drug that was originally named for the major ingredient in Ecstasy—Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. But what began as a pill promoted as Ecstasy in its purest form is now a "catch-all" term for a drug that can contain any number of ingredients, from methamphetamine to gasoline and paint thinners, according to USA Today, which reported Molly can cause temperatures over 100 degrees, coma and brain death.

In fact, 36 people were hospitalized Wednesday at a concert in Boston after "falling suddenly and violently ill," with officials citing the drug Molly, according to ABC News. The news station said Molly was suspected in the death of two people in Las Vegas at a concert last weekend as well.

In connection with the alleged Molly manufacturing operation in Towson, Sheldon-Cost, Joyave and Ricker were each charged with manufacturing drugs, possession with intent to distribute narcotics, possession of more than 10 grams of marijuana and two counts of possession of drugs other than marijuana.

Police said Sheldon-Cost and Ricker were being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center, with bail set for each at $30,000.

Officials said Joyave was released on $20,000 bail.
Sal Anthony June 30, 2014 at 09:58 PM


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