Tell- All Letter from Wife of Dist. 11 Candidate

Dear constituents of District 11,

I am the wife of candidate Alex Leikus who is running for delegate of your district. Like you, we have received innumerable glossy print flyers from other candidates. I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of brochures we have received and cannot imagine the investment these candidates have poured into such materials.  Is this money well spent? I am no closer to understanding who these persons are.  I am writing you today because I wanted to send you a more personal letter. I would like to tell you firsthand who Alex Leikus is so that you can decide whether he is the kind of candidate you would want to support.

As he once tried to convince me long ago, he is allegedly 5’9 and ¾” tall, part Lithuanian and part Italian.  He was born here and grew up in Timonium.  He calls his Grandma Evie at least once a week and never forgets a name or face.  If he recognizes you across the street, he is likely to make a scene calling out his favorite nickname for you.

Alex is a lawyer who basically works and lives out of his car—or, at least, it looks like he does. He has been sited once or twice in the Giant parking lot changing into his suit for work. He likes to cut his own lawn and congregate on our driveway with neighbors.  He comes home from work early to attend our boys’ sporting events and extracurricular activities.  Alex would never want to miss a moment that he can spend with his kids—truly his best friends. 

Alex’s most valuable possession is a Sony Walkman that he plays on AM all night EVERY NIGHT listening to talk radio.  Alex uses his headphones to drown out the thoughts that would otherwise keep him awake.  I assist Alex with his law practice and I am aware of the tragedies, loss and conflicts that he witnesses every day in the criminal law field.  There always seems to be some story that is impossible to shake—a family member’s desperate pleas for legal help, unimaginable poverty, the separation of loved ones or the heartache of a sister or brother that has gotten into trouble.  We could both lay awake all night wondering and hoping that our defendant is innocent, replaying the facts of cases in our heads, and praying that justice is ultimately served.  Alex walks into the lives of so many people and carries these stories with him.

I married Alex because of the love he showed me—it was his actions and not his words that sold me.  He has a way of showing up just when you need him. He is funny and fun--perhaps the most fun person I have ever known. He is my rock and my children’s hero.

 We have two boys, ages 8 and 11.  We have a family that does not immediately evoke an image of perfection. Alex and I are both working parents who are trying to make a success out of our businesses.  We serve chicken nuggets too often to our kids and eat more than our share of ice cream.  Our cars regularly have goldfish on the floor and our garage needs a major cleaning out. There are usually an obscene amount of shoes on our front porch and a bat or some balls on the lawn.  We have a stream of neighborhood children who frequent our basement. We struggle to get homework done and feel the pain of our children’s disappointments as if they were our own.  We worry about making our mortgage payments and health insurance premiums on time.  We try hard not to think about college or retirement. 

We understand the need for early education testing and have witnessed firsthand the damage that can be done to a child’s self esteem when learning disabilities are not identified early.  Our youngest son is dyslexic and our oldest has a processing issue.  We can easily relate to parents who must constantly advocate for their own children and their special needs, whatever their nature.

 We do not care whether you are a Democrat or Republican and would not let such differences get in the way of forging a friendship or bond. 

We do not tolerate racism.  We believe that we have an obligation to teach our children acceptance of all people regardless of skin color, orientation or religious affiliation.  We sadly accept that the generation before ours cannot be changed.  We believe that what matters most is what we pass on to the next generation and we take the responsibility of setting the right example very seriously.  And, to be clear, we support gay marriage and believe that the path to heaven is wide and diverse.

We believe that access to good health care is imperative and would welcome the opportunity to help make the modifications necessary to make the system work efficiently and cost effectively. 

We believe in free speech and do not take for granted the freedoms that this nation affords. 

We believe that taxes are too high and that we need to encourage businesses to come to Maryland in order to create jobs.

Alex is the guy next door—maybe a lot like you—or maybe a lot like a candidate you would want to support.  Alex is willing to throw in his hat and use his own insight, common sense, legal skills, integrity and interpersonal talent to speak for the people in District 11.  He does not dance around the issues, but rather makes his positions known. Alex is not a politician, but he is a guy who is in touch with the people of this area.  I hope that you will consider his character along with his credentials and vote for Alex Leikus.

Best regards,

Kerry Leikus 

Paid for by Friends of Alex Leikus. Approved by Alex Leikus. 







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