Larry Hogan so you want to be Governor.

Larry Hogan if you want to be Governor you need to tell us your plan.

The most frustrating thing that a citizen has to deal with during an election is this. The candidate or their spin doctors will never answer a question. So I am addressing this to Mr. Hogan and will do another reach out to Mr. Brown. Now that said I know the odds of some political hack will chime in on this blog. The only way to be sure that it is someone from the campaign who answers this, well they will have to state their name who they are in relation to the campaign and contact information. If they do not! Then most likely it is some political hack who has no clue as to what the candidate thinks and is wasting space and blowing out hot air. What I love about the patch is this. Citizens can be engaged in the political process. The question is this. If a candidate cannot answer a question in this forum, then a trust issue comes into question. What are they hiding?

Let’s look at some facts that cannot be disputed.

Maryland is rank on the bottom in the US for industry wanting to start up a business venture.

Taxes and fees have gone up in the state over the past eight years.

The ability to have the right to bear arms have diminished and crime has not reduced in the state. Thus more people have a lower ability to defend themselves, because of the latest gun control laws.

Trickle-down economics have been proven a failure time and time again, we can look at New Jersey as an economic failure and Texas has increased its poverty rate because of Rick Perry’s failed agenda.

The economic policy failures of the Bush administration caused the largest economic meltdown in almost a hundred years, and any economists with any knowledge will tell you it will take decades to full recovery. Combined with a war based on a lie and one out of necessity, we borrowed from communist china to pay for it and now the chips have fallen.

Demographics also have a play here in Maryland. We are not the South; many States are still stuck in Dixie Land and have not gotten over the fact that they lost the war. But the good news is many stuck in that era are dying off.

Mr. Hogan you say you want to cut taxes and cut the fees. Being we do not have a lot of business’s standing in line to come to Maryland if you get elected. What are you going to cut? Because you must have a Balanced Budget! It is not as if you can borrow from communist china. Is your goal to cut programs if so what? Is your goal to cut funding to the counties? Is your goal to cut education and note we in Maryland are in the top ten as far as education in the country? That makes us just a little better than the south.  Not to worry Mr. Hogan I will be just as tough on Mr. Brown. But if you want to be Governor you need to answer questions from the citizens and not the media or the spin doctors.

Not just another tea party blog

William Capps

Anna Arundel County


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