Know someone who watches cooking shows on TV?

From our oven to your door.
From our oven to your door.

DISH IT OUT FOODIE is the perfect gift for them! A new board game all about the world of food, drink and kitchen delights. It's fun, challenging and the perfect way to spend time with family and friends. 

Find out who the real foodie is and who can Dish It Out! Over 900 questions and 6 different food categories. The game board is packed with action including Pot Luck, Sour Turn, Rotten Apple and Treat Yourself. Get on the fast track when you take a Treat Street Slide. DISH IT OUT FOODIE is yummy fun in a pizza box!

Great game to keep. Great game to gift. You're gonna eat it up! Find out more and/or order on-line at www.dishitoutfoodie.com. PRINTED IN THE USA.


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