New System Stores ID of Visitors to Baltimore County Schools

Badges will be given and information about all visitors will be gathered and stored at all schools in Baltimore County.

More security is in place at Baltimore County Public Schools. Credit: Janet Metzner
More security is in place at Baltimore County Public Schools. Credit: Janet Metzner
By Brian Hooks 

A year after a shooting at Perry Hall High School, schools in Baltimore County will be a step safer thanks to a computer system that conducts instant background checks. 

The new "Raptor" system will store information on visitors to all schools, and it will print mandatory photo badges, according to a BCPS press release.

"This new check-in system enhances security both for the visitor and for the school and its students and staff," said Dale Rauenzahn, BCPS security director.

Rauenzahn said visitors will only need to provide a driver's license or government-issued identification on the first visit to a school, and staff will be able to print a badge for additional visits.

The system uses the visitor's photo, name, license number and birth date to verify a person isn't registered in a sex offender database, according to the release.

This security upgrade is one of several coming to Baltimore County schools, including the addition of school resource officers in all middle and high schools, with regular visits from the officers to elementary schools.

Since fall of 2012, metal detectors are already in use in schools. Read about the metal detector wands.
Sam Battle August 25, 2013 at 08:06 PM
What a Total Joke. This system only checks sex offenders data and not overall criminal data base. So if you have a record for gun offenses and drug offenses or other type of violent offenses you can still access school grounds. And students on the most part are the ones causing the issues and or criminal free nuts with guns , not convicted sex offenders. And what type of system is being put into effect to protect students against these sex crazed teachers that we seem to read about time after time. Seems like me this is just another feel good system that costs taxpayers millions of dollars with no real return as it will not protect our children from sex crazed teachers / nutty students and or criminal free nuts who are the ones causing the issues in our schools. Can ANYONE tell me where a convicted sex offender has ever entered a Baltimore School and committed a crime , compared to other persons ?? And then ask yourself was this money well spend without checking into a complete criminal record search.


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